We are volunteering our time, so we, Kathryn and Jacob, are fully responsible to to raise up support for ALL expenses, life and ministry, for our (at least) two year commitment.
Financially, our big prayer is for a sweet group of joyful givers to come alongside us in our ministry and pledge to give a monthly donation, for 2 years. 

All gifts are given to Restoration Church and are tax-deductible.
Checks can be made out to “Restoration Church” with Rwanda Missions as the memo and mailed to P.O. Box 902 Salem, VA 24153
Through the online donation page, donors can set up automatic withdrawal and can also choose the duration. For online gifts..

Click Here to Donate

Our monthly salary is distributed to us by Restoration Church.
We are responsible for keeping track of our budget + all of our spending.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in partnering with us, reach out to us via iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, or shoot us an email at
We want to share more about our hearts for Rwanda with each of you!!

(There is no cost to contact us via iMessage + Whatsapp)
Kathryn: +250-783-273-098
Jake: +250-784-211-468


After many months of praying and searching for the right organization, we found it!
Our prayer was that God would provide us with people who would:
1) Support His calling for our lives, believe in us, and send us with expectation for His glory to reign in us.
2) Truly know us. To know our hearts, our strengths, and struggles, to know how to pray for us. To truly invite us into their lives.
3) Hold us accountable to our calling. To encourage us, to check on us, to be present and available.
4) Spiritual mentors. To pray with us and for us, to spiritually encourage and pursue us, to be brothers and sisters in Christ.
5) People who have hearts like His. Hearts that love radically and give abundantly.

And God fully answered that prayer.
Our home church, Restoration Church, will be sending us to Rwanda. They have fully embodied each of these attributes and we are forever changed and encouraged by the way they love us.
We could not be more thrilled to represent our sweet Jesus and our sweet church, across the world, in our beloved Rwanda.

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