Going Home to Rwanda!

Friends! It’s official.
After having some help from some sweet friends, we were able to receive Rory’s passport in record time. Our town was still closed at the time so we had to get ahold of Rwanda’s police commissioner to be granted permission to drive into our town. Within a few hours after being given the okay, our town is now open for private vehicle travel, praise Jesus! We then booked tickets, which were then cancelled, and then re-booked for another date. We are jumping on a plane on October 4th and finally heading home to Rwanda!

Due to Rwanda’s strict guidelines of travel we will have to have a negative COVID test before getting on the plane in Dulles, as well as upon arrival in Rwanda, we are in pretty strict quarantine until we depart. Part of our excitement in coming back to the US to have Rory was to get to see and hug you all, which was not possible due to the pandemic. We look forward to the day we can all be together again.

Prayer requests:
-A happy baby and seamless travel back to Rwanda (she is the happiest baby so we are hopeful!)
-Our hearts as we adjust to being back home
-Negative COVID tests for all three of us!!
-A healthy baby and birth for Gloria
-Continued growth and health of Rory

Thank you for your endless prayers and support in our Road to Rwanda, we could not do this without you!

The Otterman Family

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