Quick update


Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, churches, schools, events, and large gatherings in Rwanda have been cancelled for the next few weeks. Students have been sent home for an unknown amount of time so there is little we can do for the time being. 

With this news and the state of unknowns with borders and airlines closing, we had to make the decision that was best for the future of our family. Since this is Kathryn’s first pregnancy and our first baby, with the potential unknowns of birth, we have decided we will head back to America for the birth, a little earlier than originally planned, (and while we still can) with the sole purpose of ensuring our return to the US, to have access to some of the best healthcare in the world in case there are complications during birth. 

We have booked tickets and are headed out this Friday. We are truly heartbroken about leaving so suddenly but we thrilled to return back to Rwanda, later this year, as a family of three!

During our time home, we will be creating and managing a website for the church in Rwanda and their various projects. We are also looking forward to jumping back into volunteering at our home church in Salem!

In the midst of this, God is up to something good, and we are holding on to that hope. 

We are rejoicing knowing we will be back with y’all soon!
We are abundantly thankful for your endless kindness and support in our lives.

Kathryn + Jake

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