Wanted to give you all a quick update on our lives.

School let out for summer in November, so we had a nice little holiday. We had a buddy come visit us from the US for Thanksgiving (who brought so many thanksgiving foods we cannot find here). In December, we took a bus the most Northwestern part of Rwanda to go hiking on the Congo Nile Trail for four days, with two new friends we met along the way. We got to share our first Christmas here with our Rwandan family. And Kathryn’s parents came to visit for a few weeks in January.

Back in November, we were given the greatest gift, as a big surprise to most (except for us)….we’re having a baby!

Otter pup is due in July, so we will be heading home in June to prepare for the birth. We are rejoicing knowing we will get to see and hug you all so very soon.

We’re praying big prayers:
1) Continual good health and growth of the baby
2) For Kathryn to have a normal and healthy pregnancy and birth
3) Preparation of our hearts as we prepare to come back to the US for a few months
4) Preparation of our hearts as we prepare to walk into this new season of parenthood
5) Safe and reliable travels day to day, along with trips to Kigali to visit the doctor
(In the past week, we have had three close calls with large trucks and our last trip to Kigali left us with two flat tires.)

We are truly humbled by God’s kindness and faithfulness in our lives and blessing us with this sweet gift.

We are blessed to know you and cannot wait for our little one to be loved by you all!

We love yall deeply,
Jake + Kathryn

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