The end of the year is often a time of great generosity. During the holiday season there is a infectious kindness that floats about. Many of us live a life where we have the capability to be radically generous to others. With many worthy and noble causes, how do we decide where we want to focus our efforts?

Since coming to Rwanda I have seen so many things that are truly blessings to many people, that often come one day and are gone the next. These are things that I have admittedly taken for granted, and never considered that they could be lost a moments notice. Things like food, a house, and even education.

To graduate from elementary school is actually a high achievement for someone in Cyangugu, Rwanda. Many people are forced to leave school to help provide for their families basic needs before they reach high school. This is the sad reality that many face from generation to generation

As I sit here writing this I am pondering how I can make you feel guilty for all of your daily indulgences, and how the price of *insert your favorite coffee brand* can radically change someone else life. The reality of it is, all of that is true. I am a witness to that first hand. I see blessings that we often take for granted and could never imagine being lost; taken away from so many so often, and others – just go without…

I am not going to sit here an write this to try and guilt you into giving me your money, but instead bring awareness to what else is really out there, outside of our comfortable lives.

If you do feel convited to radically chance someones life you can do so by sending a kid to school for just a small fee. $300 per year, thats just $25 a month or $6.25 per week. You do the math.

For $300 you are not only providing a student an opportunity at an education. You are also providing a student a safe place to live and a consistent food source for three meals a day. (that even in itself is a radical blessing for many)

To learn more about students who cannot attend school without a sponsorship, click LEARN MORE!

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