Just one.

What if it’s not what we expect? (It won’t be)
What if it’s harder than we could ever imagine? (It will be)
What if we aren’t “successful”?
What if we don’t reach as many people as we were hoping?
What if only one person comes to truly know + love Jesus through us?

Just one.

Would that change everything?
Would I say no?
Would I choose to remain comfortable?
Would I ponder if that person is “worth it”?

Jesus wouldn’t have.
He would have died that terrible death,
that undeserved death on the cross,
just for that one person.

He wouldn’t have changed anything about His life
or His death
if He knew that only one person would come to know his Father.

Would I still say “yes” to the hard?
Would I still say “yes” to the uncomfortable?
Would I still say “yes” to the endless preparation?
Would I still say “yes” to moving away from my people?
Would I still say “yes” to fundraising?
Would I still say “yes” to spending countless hours learning a new language?
Would I still say “yes” to rollercoaster of living in another country?
Would I still say “yes” to the unknown?
Would I still say “yes” to Jesus,
just for that one person?

I would do it all, over + over again. 
Because that one person,
is totally, 152%, abundantly, extravagantly worth it.

Friends, let’s do this together.
Let’s not be afraid of where He leads us.
Let’s say “yes” to the unknown.
Let’s say “yes” to the hard. 
Let’s say “yes” to the uncomfortable.
Let’s say “yes” to it all.
Let’s say “yes” to Jesus.

One thought on “Just one.

  1. What a wonderful and powerful missionary response! Thanks Jake & Kathryn. Jesus is more than worth it. Amen. Paul Redlien

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