His Faithfulness

Wanted to hop on here and share some heart tugs + life updates!

I am very project motivated, but I have avoided setting my own goals at all costs. When someone else would set them for me, I usually surpassed their expectations, but when I would set a goals for myself, I’d play it safe, I’d set myself up for success because I didn’t want to be responsible for my own failures. If I couldn’t do something within the parameters I had chosen, I would beat myself up hardcore. I didn’t want to set myself up for unmet expectations or the gut wrenching disappointment in myself (there’s that lifelong struggle with self worth, yet again).
I think a lot of it is the struggle with human nature and wanting to be in control. It was the safety net protecting me from failing. The safety net for me not having to rely on someone else, for me not having to fully rely on the Father’s faithfulness.
While all my human tendencies are screaming “don’t, you will fail,”
my heart hears only of His promise, His goodness, His faithfulness, + His heart.
So here goes nothing.
Here is my first big goal.
Publicly proclaimed + all. (my insides are still screaming)

After we got some fire under our tails and began “asking” people to join our ministry, the Lord has provided us with 25% of the monthly pledges in JUST ONE MONTH, with JUST SIX PARTNERS!! (Along with 66% of start up costs raised in just two months!)
Yall, that is God’s faithfulness. That is with people giving BIG to this ministry. That is people trusting that the Lord will provide for them. And we are trusting that He will provide for us!

If we were to continue to raise 25% of the monthly pledges, each month, we would be fully funded in just 4 four months! That would have us fully funded by late April.
That the Father would continue to raise 25% of our monthly goal, each month, for the next three months. That we would have all monthly pledges needed for our annual budget, by the end of April.

We are already on our way to reaching the next 25% by the middle of February!

We want to clarify how this goal must be met.
Many people have said “we want to give!!” but I have been told that people are a little confused on WHEN to give.
GIVING NOW is the only way for us to reach this goal!
We have to have you in the system, by automatic withdrawal, or by giving a monthly check to the church with “Rwanda Missions” in the memo (along with telling one of us) before your monthly donation can be added to the percentage of our goal.
Through the online donation page, donors can set up automatic withdrawal and can also choose the duration.
Say there is a donor who wants to give $100 a month, for two years. The donor would go online today and set an automatic withdrawal for $100 a month, on the 23rd of each month, until January 23, 2021. This would be a two year partnership. Even though the donor would be giving before we leave, the giving would only last two years from when they first gave.
ALL MONTHLY DONATIONS will sit in an account until we leave for Rwanda. Once we leave for Rwanda, our monthly budget will be distributed to us. We are responsible for keeping track of our budget + all of our spending.
ALL ONE TIME GIFTS will also sit in an account until we buy plane tickets, schedule cross cultural training, etc.

To reach that goal, we need your help! We want to share our hearts and our calling with you. We don’t want you to miss out on being apart of God’s heart for Rwanda.
Give me a call, let’s grab coffee! (Seriously yall)

We are currently taking a course in Lynchburg called “Perspectives”. It is 15 weeks of lectures, readings, writings, and reflections all rooted in God’s ultimate purpose for the world, relating to biblical text.

-Equipping of our souls + preparation of our hearts
-Deep community while here –> carrying over into Rwanda
-Joyful + faithful givers
-Stay on top of the course load with the Perspectives class
-Preparation of the hearts of the people we will do life with in Rwanda

God has been so so kind to us in this journey.
So so faithful.
You all have been an abundant blessing to us.
We continually see God’s promise to Abraham come to fruition.
“I will bless you, so that you to be a blessing.”
Through you, we have the honor of blessing the people of Rwanda.

We are forever thankful for your heart for Him.


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