Finding Happiness

From a young age, we are taught that life is better when we’re older.

..when you get to have ice cream for breakfast..
..when you get to stay up past your bedtime..
..when you’re allowed to see that movie..
..when summer comes..
..when you get to go to high school..
..when you get your first car..
..when you get your drivers license..
..when you go on your first date..
..when you have your first kiss..
..when you get to go to the beach with your best friend..
..when you get loads of likes on instagram..
..when you graduate high school..
..when you move out of your parents house..
..when you have your own apartment..
..when you can have an adult beverage..
..when you get an awesome internship..
..when you go to grad school..
..when you work a 9-5..
..when you fall in love..
..when you get engaged..
..when you get married..
..when you have 2.5 kids
& a golden retriever..
..when you buy a big house
with a white picket fence..
..when you make a lot of money..
..when you buy a nice car..
..when you travel the world..
..when you retire
& move to the beach..

Then what?
Is that where you find life?
Is that where you find death?
Is that where you find happiness?

Society has robbed us of the here and now. Society has taught us to wish our entire life away, because “life is better when you have it all”, when you finally achieve the “American Dream.”

When you have all the “stuff” you could ever want, but constantly crave more.
When you have that fancy piece of paper on the wall proclaiming you are “worthy”.
When you’re drowning in student debt because of that fancy piece of paper.
When you have kids because it’s what all your friends are doing.
When you scroll through social media full of envy of other peoples lives.
Or bodies.
Or relationship status.
Or stuff. Back to stuff again.
When you finally buy that expensive car JUST to impress your friends.
When you buy that house in that neighborhood because you want to be in the “in” crowd.
When you work a job you hate, to spend more money on stuff, that you don’t need, but that makes you look good.
Oh yeah, more stuff.

Is that where we find happiness?
Is that really what society has come to?
Wishing our lives away until the next phase, to when we have more “stuff” to impress the people we call “friends”, because THAT is totally where we will find happiness.
Is that what life is about?

& no.

Praise God.

To date, I have spent most of my life wishing time away, until now.
I think I have finally grasped that life is always better in God’s hand, in His timing, and with that my joy is abounding.
If I were to have had it my way when ten years ago, even five years ago, my life would look very different.
But today, I wouldn’t change one single thing about it.
I am finally present.
I am finally free from what I thought I needed my life to look like.
& don’t get me wrong, as easy as it would be to wish this season away and be on to the next, for the first time in my life, I am not. When the next season comes, I will welcome it with wide open arms. But for now, I am here. Growing in ways I never would have been able to if I wasn’t right where I am right now.
I am learning to be vulnerable, to be fully content where God has me, to be imperfect, to pray radically, to fully trust that my life is in His hands, to bring Him glory where ever He has me, and to know with all my heart, that He is always good.

Love you all deeply,

One thought on “Finding Happiness

  1. This is very wise and insightful. Real life comes from savoring every moment. Real joy comes from giving rather than acquiring. Love you guys and pray for you every day. JOHN


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