Kathryn here.

We are officially live!!

We have been doing lots of behind the scenes work to get to this point and we are ecstatic to finally share with you!
We have been writing blog posts for several months, without your knowledge, so check out all those old posts! (There’s some pretty sweet stuff in there).
Our website is officially published and we are officially fundraising.
For a while, it has felt like this day would never arrive, and now that it has, it almost feels like a dream.

Honestly, I am a bundle of nerves.
I am not a great public speaker.
I do not like asking for help.
I am someone in the life battle of negative self worth.
I struggle finding myself worthy to humans and overcompensate with actions.
I must constantly remind myself of my worth in Christ.
But this journey thus far, has stretched and grown me in ways unimaginable. I am being stripped down of my fear of failure, desire of control, longing of acceptance, measuring my worthiness in actions, need of being self sufficient, and am being fully brought to my knees before Jesus.
He has brought me to a place of knowing I can’t do this on my own, I can’t do any of this without Him, and His people.
I have to rely on others.
I have to trust in His promises.
I have to ask for help, for prayer.
I have to know that God is using my “failures” for His glory.
I have to trust that He is fully in control.
I have to be confident in His calling and know that I am worthy of this calling, because He says I am.
I have to trust that He loves me, the total mess that I am.
He is equipping and growing me in ways I didn’t think I “needed”.
I have been broken down to be vulnerable before Him and before you all.
And it has been so so sweet and so so full of His abundance of kindness, faithfulness, and truth.

So here I am, full of vulnerability, asking for help.
This journey, our road to Rwanda, cannot happen without you.
We are praying for people who believe in His calling for our lives, who will support us in prayer, bring us His truth, who will love our imperfect selves, and have His heart of giving abundantly.

We are continually seeing the fruits of His goodness and can’t wait for y’all to come along side us in this next chapter of our lives.

We love y’all!!

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