God specifically put Rwanda on our hearts in January of 2018.
If I’m being honest, back then, we though we would be there by early 2019.
But again, God has different plans, better plans. His plans are always better than ours even when waiting isn’t fun.

God has been using this time, this waiting, for so much good.
Everyday, our hearts are aligning more closely with His.
We are growing and trusting Him in ways we haven’t had to before. We are letting go of our plans, of our desires, and trusting in His timing, His promise, and His will for our lives.
We know that He is faithful and His promises are as true as His presence. We are continually shown that time and time again.

So in the mean time, we will be here.
Growing into the people He is calling us to be.
We are becoming more vulnerable, in the best of ways.
We are learning to see the abundance of beauty where He has us now.
We are striving to seek Him relentlessly with every corner of our hearts.

He is so gracious and kind to us.
He is good, so so good + we are so undeserving.

Yall are the sweetest,

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