God is too good friends!! He continues to align our hearts more closely to His, so we’ve got some sweet news.

In the beginning of our journey, after talking to friends in Rwanda, we had ministry opportunities waiting for us in the capital city, Kigali, but God has some different plans for us.

When we got our itinerary for our trip in June, we saw that our first few days would be spent in Cyangugu. Jacob was not looking forward to this. In his mind, we were flying across the world to spend time in the place we would one day call home, not some small town on the other side of the country.

But y’all, God changes hearts, truly, in the blink of an eye.

Within a few hours of landing in Cyangugu, I saw a side of my husband I had never seen before. I saw him flourish in a new way. Everything he is, everything God made him to be, was truly thriving. In that moment, I knew. I knew that this is what he was he was made to do, to love these people. I knew Cyangugu would be our new home. God was aligning our hearts with His plan for our lives. He was breaking down walls, putting us in a place of life to the full, in a love without boarders, living according to His plan.
That my friends, that is where joy abounds,
& there’s nothing like it.

Saying “yes” was all it took

Love yall deeply,

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