Amen + amen

We got married!! WHOOP WHOOP

It was truly a day from heaven. After a week of rain, the sun finally made an appearance. It turned out to be pretty hot but it was altogether perfect.
(Shout out to all our peeps who made the trip to be there, we are forever grateful.)

As you know, we are planning on moving to Rwanda, so instead of asking for toasters and plates and lamps, we asked for people to help send us to visit our future home.

& let’s be honest here.
Flying half way across the world is EXPENSIVE.
And as newly weds, we don’t really have the ability to drop a few thousand dollars, on a twelve day trip.

So here we sit, on a furnished couch, in our little, short term leased apartment, with just over a week of marriage under our belt, holding a stack of cards we received as gifts, praying that the Lord would somehow provide $3798, for us to be able to visit this place He’s called us to.

Reading card after card, with an accumulating pile of checks, cash, and cards, we looked up at each other and continued to pray that it would be enough.

At the end of our counting, we looked up at each other, added each of our sums, and came to the grand total of $3865.09! The Lord provided, just above our goal, and we knew, even more, that this is exactly what He is calling us to.

We love y’all deeply.

We are forever thankful for all your love and support,
Kathryn + Jacob

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