The beginning

Our names are Jacob and Kathryn Otterman and we got married in May of 2018.

Separately, we each have always felt called to pursue a life of long-term, overseas, mission work, but did not know when or where. Before meeting, we both attempted to pursue this calling, but continuously hit road blocks, and knew it wasn’t the right time or place.

We had mutual friends in high school but did not reconnect until we saw each other at church, in August of 2016. We spent the next year getting to know each other, before courting in the summer of 2017, and getting engaged that winter. Upon getting engaged, we began diligently praying for clarity about what our lives would look like as newlyweds.

We were completely open to anything He was going to throw at us.
And missions were continuously on our hearts.
We started to dip our toes in the water of what that would look like, of where and when we were being called to somewhere new.

After relentless prayer, much trial and error, the Lord reminded Kathryn the words she spoke after her first visit to Rwanda.
“I will come back, I’m sure of it, but it will be long term, in His timing.”
That’s when she knew.
That evening when she saw Jacob, she told him the news.
He immediately replied,

We reached out to Kathryn’s long time pastor, who had taken her on her first trip to Rwanda. He put us in contact with the right people, and somehow everything began to unfold, the Lord’s plan was being rolled out before us and there wasn’t anything anyone could do to stop it.

Divine intervention.

We couldn’t say no.
We knew that we were not called to live a comfortable life.
We knew that this was the right place, that this was the right time.
Us, together.

Our road to Rwanda had been paved for us, since the beginning of time.

We have since had the opportunity to break bread with many present and past Rwandan missionaries, along with current leaders of Rwanda. Each person and every person unashamedly shared their hearts, stories, and struggles, poured into us, prayed with and for us, encouraged us, and gave us an abundance of wisdom and support.

We also had the opportunity to visit our future home.
To try to prepare our hearts, souls, and minds for this transition.
To smell the air, to share the culture, to meet the people, to fall in love with the country.
To further discern our calling, for our hearts to align closer to His, to stand completely in awe that the God of the universe, loves us so much and find us capable enough to call us to move half way across the world and love this community of His sons and daughters.

After many months, many years of praying when and where we are being called to, we know that this is something beautiful, something divine, that the Lord has had planned for us, since before the beginning of time.

We love ya’ll oh so dearly,
Kathryn + Jacob

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