Going Home to Rwanda!

Friends! It’s official.
After having some help from some sweet friends, we were able to receive Rory’s passport in record time. Our town was still closed at the time so we had to get ahold of Rwanda’s police commissioner to be granted permission to drive into our town. Within a few hours after being given the okay, our town is now open for private vehicle travel, praise Jesus! We then booked tickets, which were then cancelled, and then re-booked for another date. We are jumping on a plane on October 4th and finally heading home to Rwanda!

Due to Rwanda’s strict guidelines of travel we will have to have a negative COVID test before getting on the plane in Dulles, as well as upon arrival in Rwanda, we are in pretty strict quarantine until we depart. Part of our excitement in coming back to the US to have Rory was to get to see and hug you all, which was not possible due to the pandemic. We look forward to the day we can all be together again.

Prayer requests:
-A happy baby and seamless travel back to Rwanda (she is the happiest baby so we are hopeful!)
-Our hearts as we adjust to being back home
-Negative COVID tests for all three of us!!
-A healthy baby and birth for Gloria
-Continued growth and health of Rory

Thank you for your endless prayers and support in our Road to Rwanda, we could not do this without you!

The Otterman Family


On Wednesday July 22, 2020 after another unsuccessful attempt at flipping little babe, Rory Kathryn Otterman was brought into the world, via c-section, at 10:27am.

Everyone is home healthy and on the way to a full recovery. 

Now, we are beginning the process of applying for a passport and visa and hope to be back home in Rwanda in early October. We will continue to keep you updated as we gear up for our return. 

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers.

The Otterman Family

Hey Friends,

This is Jake, I just wanted to send you guys a quick update on our lives during this season of COVID-19.

As you know, Kathryn and I made the sudden decision to book a flight back to the US, returning home on March 21st. While we were planning to come home to have Baby Otterman (due July 29), leaving abruptly 2 months earlier than expected, was less than ideal. 

On Tuesday the 17th, we booked tickets to leave Rwanda that Friday at 7:40pm. On Wednesday evening, the Rwandan government announced that all borders and airports would be closing on Friday at midnight, so it is safe to say we made it out just time. We had 36 hours to pack up our house, prepare food and life for our house helper, guard, and pup, say our “see you laters”.

Since returning home, Rwanda has completely shut down all travel between towns, all non-essential businesses, and everyone is on mandatory stay at home orders (this is much more strict than in the US, people have been arrested for leaving their houses).

Upon our arrival, we spent a strict 14 days in isolation and have shown no symptoms of the virus. We are beyond blessed and know that you all have been praying with us because it is only through God that we could have traveled through four different countries and not contract the virus.

In the mess of all of this, isolation was a blessing for us. We realized in the past eight months, we barely had any time with just the two of us and it was truly good for our souls and our marriage. We have since gotten to spend time with our immediate families which has also been such a sweet time, but we deeply miss being with and hugging you all and cannot wait for that day to come.

We will be spending our time in the US building a website for the church in Rwanda and helping in the administration at Restoration Church.

Our plan is to return to Rwanda as soon as we can, once all our paperwork is completed, as a family of three.

In the meantime, we would love to see you all via zoom or socially distanced.
We love you all!

Thank you for your continued faithfulness and support,
The Otterman romp

Quick update


Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, churches, schools, events, and large gatherings in Rwanda have been cancelled for the next few weeks. Students have been sent home for an unknown amount of time so there is little we can do for the time being. 

With this news and the state of unknowns with borders and airlines closing, we had to make the decision that was best for the future of our family. Since this is Kathryn’s first pregnancy and our first baby, with the potential unknowns of birth, we have decided we will head back to America for the birth, a little earlier than originally planned, (and while we still can) with the sole purpose of ensuring our return to the US, to have access to some of the best healthcare in the world in case there are complications during birth. 

We have booked tickets and are headed out this Friday. We are truly heartbroken about leaving so suddenly but we thrilled to return back to Rwanda, later this year, as a family of three!

During our time home, we will be creating and managing a website for the church in Rwanda and their various projects. We are also looking forward to jumping back into volunteering at our home church in Salem!

In the midst of this, God is up to something good, and we are holding on to that hope. 

We are rejoicing knowing we will be back with y’all soon!
We are abundantly thankful for your endless kindness and support in our lives.

Kathryn + Jake



Wanted to give you all a quick update on our lives.

School let out for summer in November, so we had a nice little holiday. We had a buddy come visit us from the US for Thanksgiving (who brought so many thanksgiving foods we cannot find here). In December, we took a bus the most Northwestern part of Rwanda to go hiking on the Congo Nile Trail for four days, with two new friends we met along the way. We got to share our first Christmas here with our Rwandan family. And Kathryn’s parents came to visit for a few weeks in January.

Back in November, we were given the greatest gift, as a big surprise to most (except for us)….we’re having a baby!

Otter pup is due in July, so we will be heading home in June to prepare for the birth. We are rejoicing knowing we will get to see and hug you all so very soon.

We’re praying big prayers:
1) Continual good health and growth of the baby
2) For Kathryn to have a normal and healthy pregnancy and birth
3) Preparation of our hearts as we prepare to come back to the US for a few months
4) Preparation of our hearts as we prepare to walk into this new season of parenthood
5) Safe and reliable travels day to day, along with trips to Kigali to visit the doctor
(In the past week, we have had three close calls with large trucks and our last trip to Kigali left us with two flat tires.)

We are truly humbled by God’s kindness and faithfulness in our lives and blessing us with this sweet gift.

We are blessed to know you and cannot wait for our little one to be loved by you all!

We love yall deeply,
Jake + Kathryn